From North to South America
December 16, 2012 from 05:48:48 to 06:21:54 GMT
Moving just south of the Aleutian Islands, our journey takes us over the North Pacific to southeastern Brazil.
City lights appear, showing Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland in the Pacific Northwest.
Kansas City is bright on our left, Oklahoma City and Dallas on the right.
Continuing southeast over the Great Plains to the southeastern United States, the outline of the Florida Panhandle appears.
We fly over Cuba and Jamaica to the eastern edges of South America.
Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, appears on the left, with Valencia close by and the port city of Maracaibo on the right.
A thunder storm rages over the Amazon.
From the darkness the Brazilian capital, Brasilia, emerges. Our journey ends at the coast, with Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo resting at the very edge of the land.
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